Debbie Williams' Kissing Booth

Debbie Williams performs "Kissing Booth," which she co-wrote with Ben Whitford and Joey Auch, in this live in studio recording.

Debbie Williams - Vocals
Matt Graff - Drums, Producer, Editor
Lucas Shine - Electric Guitar
Bryan Smith - Acoustic Guitar, Bass Pedals

Bryan Smith and Debbie Williams - Arrangement
Matt Graff - Producer and Editor
Ryan Nava - Cinematographer

Three with Samia Covers

I recorded Samia covering Bette Midler's "Wind Beneath My Wings" in the studio and accompanied her on piano.

Samia- Vocals
Bryan Smith- piano

And here are two more Samia covers:


Samia- vocals
Matt Zebroski- drums
Lucas Shine- electric guitar
Bryan Smith- baritone guitar, bass pedals, keyboards

Still Into You

Samia- Vocals
Ayesu Lartey- drums
Lucas Shine- acoustic guitar
Bryan Smith- acoustic guitar, bass pedals

Chris Nicolosi performs Vanishing

On January 5, Chris Nicolosi recorded this performance of Mariah Carey's "Vanishing" in my studio in Williamsburg. "Vanishing" is one of eleven cuts on Chris' CD Down with Flippy Floppies, which I recently co-produced with Roy Nicolosi and Chris.

Live at Arlene's Grocery

Here's another amazing performance by vocalist Graham Norwood leading the Zep band Achilles Last Band in a cover of "Hey, Hey, What Can I Do?"

Michael Lavolpe- Drums
Rick Nossa- Guitar
Graham Norwood- Vocals
Adrian Perry - Bass
Bryan Smith - Mandolin

Bryan Scary and a cast of thousands

It's always fun working with Bryan Scary. I play acoustic guitar in this Breakthrough Radio Live Studio recording of "Ballroom Kid."

Paul Amorese- drums
Dave Ostrem- bass
Giulio Carmassi- keys, sax
Bryan Scary- keys, vocals
Rick Snell- electric guitar
Bryan Smith- acoustic guitar
Alison Swibel- vocals
Victoria Liedtke- vocals
Ward White- vocals