I can't help you save 15% on your car insurance. That's not what I do.

But I can help you produce great music, create a unique soundscape, in the studio and on stage. That's what I do.

♦  At the board back in the day at Clinton's Studio A

Recording, that's what I do

I am a freelance recording and sound engineer with 18 years experience in a wide range of environments, starting with formal training at Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Institute of Music (Can any Good Come of Cleveland?) and continuing under the tutelage of Ed Rak at Clinton Recording Studio (see Learning from the Room).

From my rented studio space in Williamsburg, I provide a full menu of production services, including recording, mixing, keyboard and guitar accompaniment, and arranging.

TV and live sound, that's also what I do

Along the way, I have sharpened my skill set with TV projects involving pre-recording, live sound and post-production editing (for reality shows, no less). I have worked on the Tony Awards since 2003 and have great fun engineering for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? with Cedric the Entertainer,Terry Crews and (now taping) Chris Harrison.

♦  The quartet that made host Terry Crews sound so good during the taping for the 2014/2015 Millionaire season (L-R) WESCOTT HIMSELF, Marshall Woodall, Terry Crews, Mary Dubois, Sheldon Yellowhair

Making music, that's what I love to do

In addition to being a recording engineer, I am also a musician, and that can add value to your project in two ways. First, I can go to the other side of the board to add tracks from a keyboard, guitar, bass, mandolin or any of the many percussion instruments in the studio. But just as important, by knowing how to play instruments in the studio I can save lots of time setting up mics and modifying the acoustic environment for whomever is playing.

Of course nothing keeps me on my musical game like regularly playing before a live audience with talented musicians who love to collaborate and improvise.

♦  Playing with Livestock at someplace or other (just kidding, Tappen Beach, Sea Cliff, N.Y.)

Lessons and coaching

The best thing about my dual career of recording and playing music is the fun I have sharing musical ideas, learning new techniques, and collaborating on projects and shows. Which is why teaching piano, bass, guitar and Pro Tools! is one more "That's what I do."